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STD app may change the way people get test results

STD app may change the way people get test results

theGRIO REPORT - In the 90s, AOL users would get “You’ve Got Mail” notifications in their inboxes — now, in 2014, doctors may be delivering news like “You’ve got Chlamydia” through an app...
Paternity test reportedly confirms Mathew Knowles...

Paternity test reportedly confirms Mathew Knowles has fathered another child

theGRIO REPORT - Beyoncé's father/former manager Mathew Knowles is a baby daddy again....
Peterson’s mom: ‘When you whip those you...

Peterson’s mom: ‘When you whip those you love, it’s not abuse, it’s about love’

theGRIO REPORT - Adrian Peterson's mom told the Houston Chronicle it was "never' Peterson's intent "to hurt his son." Jackson told the paper's Cindy Horswell her and Peterson's father Nelson Peterson were "big disciplinarians."...
Jada Pinkett Smith turns 43, see her changing...

Jada Pinkett Smith turns 43, see her changing looks

theGRIO REPORT - In honor of the Jada Pinkett Smith's 43rd birthday 'People' magazine has created a time warp with images, showing her changing looks through the years....
James Brown’s domestic abuse, murder conspiracy...

James Brown’s domestic abuse, murder conspiracy detailed in kids’ dueling books

theGRIO REPORT - Two books released by James Brown’s kids, Yamma Brown and Daryl Brown; gives us a glaring look into the James’ household. In her new book titled Cold Sweat, Yamma Brown goes into a detailed description about the domestic abuse in their home...
Sherri Shepherd: My exes talking to each other is...

Sherri Shepherd: My exes talking to each other is ‘creepy,’ ‘nasty’

theGRIO REPORT - Comedian and TV personality Sherri Shepherd said this week she finds it "creepy" and "nasty" that her two exes are speaking to each other...

Black Enterprise

Nick Cannon Sports $2 Million Shoes on Red Carpet

Nick Cannon Sports $2 Million Shoes on Red Carpet

Nick Cannon recently wore $2 million diamond shoes to the finale of America's Got Talent.…
New Kendrick Lamar Single Artwork Builds...

New Kendrick Lamar Single Artwork Builds Anticipation For Sophomore Album

For those not keeping score, Top Dawg’s Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith announced a few months…
Diversity MBA Leadership Conference Addresses...

Diversity MBA Leadership Conference Addresses Workplace Diversity in Crisis

Workplace diversity is in crisis, according to reports. White women are better represented today in…
‘Human Catastrophe’: $1 Billion Needed To...

‘Human Catastrophe’: $1 Billion Needed To Fight Ebola From Doubling

President Obama, the World Health Organization, and the United Nations all plan on funding the…
Survey: Nearly 10% Of Americans Go To Work High...

Survey: Nearly 10% Of Americans Go To Work High On Marijuana

According to a recent survey, nearly 10% of Americans who are gainfully employed show up…
Adrian Peterson’s Nike Endorsement Suspended

Adrian Peterson’s Nike Endorsement Suspended

Nike has suspended their endorsement deal with Adrian Peterson due to the Minnesota Vikings' running…

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Can You Help This ‘Brown Baby’ Find Her White...

Can You Help This ‘Brown Baby’ Find Her White Mom?

Dear Professor Gates:

The Root 100 People's Choice Awards  

The Root 100 People's Choice Awards  

What I Learned From Writing Race Manners

What I Learned From Writing Race Manners

There’s no question from a reader this time. Just the bittersweet news that this is my last week at The Root and the final installment of Race Manners.

Bozoma Saint John, Senior vice president and head...

Bozoma Saint John, Senior vice president and head of global marketing at Beats Music

After working her munificent magic as a marketing executive at Pepsi (including having a hand in Beyoncé’s Emmy-winning half-time performance at the Super Bowl), Bozoma Saint John became senior vice president of global marketing at Beats Music, reporting directly to the CEO. Beats Music (related to but not the ubiquitous headphones portion of the company) is a new music subscription service and many say a large part of why Apple bought into Dr. Dre’s brand for $3 billion. Partnerships, such as Beats with Target or Beats with AT&T, fall under Saint John’s purview, and many expect her to continue to rock it.

Nikki Silvestri, executive director, Green for All

Nikki Silvestri, executive director, Green for All

Taking environmentalism beyond its obvious goal, Nikki Silvestri, executive director of the Van Jones- and Majora Carter-founded Green for All, seeks to create “green pathways out of poverty.” Silvestri took the helm of the 7-year-old organization at the top of the year, and works to create green jobs at the local, state and national levels. Silvestri’s background is in community organizing and the food-justice movement, and she advocates using culture as a medium for building bridges to underserved communities. Silvestri is a nuanced thought leader and a sought-after public speaker who shares her thoughts on sustainability for a variety of audiences, from the Melissa Harris-Perry show to TEDxManhattan.

Hakeem Jeffries

Hakeem Jeffries

This summer, U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries joined other New York congressmen in asking the Justice Department to investigate the choking death of Eric Garner at the hands of New York City police officers. “My mantra as a public servant is to get things accomplished,” Jeffries said upon his election to the U.S. House of Representatives two years ago. As a member of a bipartisan task force on over-criminalization, Jeffries is poised to shape the debate over how the criminal code adversely affects people of color. The congressman already is tackling more of the same issues that marked his time in the New York State Assembly, where he passed a significant bill to help dismantle New York’s notorious “stop and frisk” program.

Black Voices (Huffington Post)

Leather And Lace Isn't Always A Winning...

Leather And Lace Isn't Always A Winning Combination After All

Leather and lace is a tricky combination to pull off if you're not Stevie Nicks. Turns out, Julianne Hough and Jennifer Connelly had to learn that lesson the hard way.

But they weren't the only ones that tripped up this week. Kirsten Dunst also stepped into dangerous territory in an overly sweet white wedding dress, that, quite frankly, could have used a little leather or lace to spice it up.

Check out the worst-dressed celebrities of the week and let us know if you agree with our picks.

Julianne Hough


We understand that Hough is still trying to keep summer alive, but this dress simply isn't working. Between the exposed shoulders, cut-outs and the various straps, there is too much going on. The fit is also off; it appears too tight in the bust and too loose in the midsection.

Jennifer Connelly


Leather and lace, a peplum hemline, white shoes and a sheer element is making the ensemble muddled.

Kirsten Dunst


Prom meets bridal is never a good look for the red carpet.

Karolina Kurkova


We're not quite sure how the model managed to look frumpy but we can venture a guess. The dress has zero shape and the long hemline isn't helping matters. We also don't love the limp hair and bright yellow pumps.

Julianne Hough


Clearly, it was a rough week for the dancer. Though we may be getting on board with the sheer trend, we were never on board with the exposed bra and underwear trend. Come on, Hough.
We Take It Back, We Still Love The Sheer Trend

We Take It Back, We Still Love The Sheer Trend

Okay, we admit it: We still love the sheer trend. We may have preemptively stated that we were "over it," but this week, Hollywood proved us wrong.

Kate Bosworth stepped out in a stunning seafoam green dress with a sheer panel, while Keira Knightley and Michelle Monaghan made a strong case for navy frocks with see-through skirts.

Check out our picks for best-dressed stars of the week and let us know if you agree.

Keira Knightley in Michael Van Der Ham


There is a lot going on here, but somehow it all works. Knightley smartly went minimal with her accessories so we were able to focus all our attention on her beaded and tulle gown. Navy and black is such a chic combination and her red lipstick really seals the deal.

Kate Bosworth in BOSS


Bosworth looks divine in this frock. Maybe it's the pretty color, the texture on the overlay or that light pink lipstick, but all of a sudden all we want to see is sheer dresses!

Michelle Monaghan in Preen


When Monaghan visited HuffPost Live earlier this week, she dressed to impress. The short-sleeved navy top and red and white belt are a little expected, but not when paired with a sheer polka-dot skirt. Not everyone could pull this off, but the "True Detective" star has the style chops to make it work.

Jane Fonda in Atelier Versace


This looks like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn outfit -- very classic, but still stylish. It's so nice to see pants on the red carpet -- especially a pair as well tailored as these-- and the beading on the turtleneck is adding just the right amount of sparkle.

Lily Aldridge in Sally LaPointe


The Victoria's Secret model is a total bombshell in this simple dress. Though she is really covered up, the sleek silhouette and strapless neckline make this an incredibly sexy look. It was also very fashion forward with architectural ruffle detail.
What Happened When I Turned Off Twitter And...

What Happened When I Turned Off Twitter And (Re)Turned To God

As a fashion and beauty editor, it's my job to know when Rihanna has switched up her hair color again or every single detail about an upcoming Target designer collaboration.

However, spending way too much time praising celebrity style and less time focused on my faith spiraled into an unhealthy addiction with Rihanna Navy hashtags and magazine cover likes.

I tried setting boundaries by leaving work at work and keeping all gadgets outside of my bedroom. Yet, the desire to be in the know 24/7 only made me restless. The high of being one of the first to spot a breaking news tweet got so bad that I would wake up in the middle of the night searching for my iPhone while laying between my Egyptian cotton sheets.

With my first vacation in five and a half years approaching, I was suddenly faced with the reality of not hanging on to Riri's NSFW tweets for seven days straight. Shutting down my work phone and computer so that I could soak up some sun and meditate at a yoga resort and spa in Tulum, Mexico sounded simple enough.

But what if Beyoncé debuted a new haircut and I missed it? Good thing I prepared an out-of-office message that made it clear the diva was the only person besides family members who could contact me during my vacay. (Still waiting for that call, Bey!)

I chose the Maya Tulum Resort and Spa for my stay because it boasted a mind, body and wellness package that included a private cabana with no Internet, TV/cable, phones or alarm clocks -- thriving at its best!

If there is one thing that my Christian upbringing has taught me, it's that if I give my burdens to God, He will remove the stress from my life. I needed to surrender all.

On Day 1...

I rolled out of bed early as usual but didn't feel exhausted. (I couldn't recall the last time that happened.) My brand spanking new yoga clothes and the crushing waves I could hear from my bed was all the motivation I needed to get up and go to a Kundalini Kriya meditation class.

Observing how my body responded to various poses, I felt forced to block out everything and live in the moment.


Then I sat on the porch outside my cabana, read the Bible and prayed. Overwhelmed with gratitude for such a vacation, I looked up at God and wondered what I was gaining by not taking time off to recharge. I figure the sun making its way from behind the clouds was a divine sign that He knew I would truly value this blessing.

tulum mexico

On Day 2...

My body was even more relaxed, as I treated myself to a holistic massage where my masseuse, Chandee, used essential oils to draw out all the tension. With her mantra to "breathe" imprinted in my memory, I was fully engaged while reading "Our Daily Bread" and "Americanah" -- something I'm rarely able to do with the constant lure of social media and news.

On Day 3...

I mixed up my beach-yoga-meditate routine by spending the day at the Tulum Ruins. Even though it was blazing hot, it felt amazing to play tourist and see all the sights that I've heard so much about.

tulum ruins

I capped off my evening by having dinner with a lovely couple from Philly and a wonderful woman from Quebec. They were shocked by the amount of time I had gone without taking a real vacation. According to them, taking time to "get away" sparks creativity and an appreciation for life.

On Day 4...

Headline ideas and opening paragraphs started to creep into my mind because I would be returning to work soon. I deeply inhaled and exhaled those thoughts away... right after jotting down some notes.

Most of the weekly guests had already left the resort. The personal space allowed me to feel even more empowered to freely roam, relax and release my worries to a higher power.

On Days 5-7...

I returned to the States with no clue of what Rihanna had tweeted since I last logged on. However, I had committed to memory Bible verses like Jeremiah 17:7 that restored my spiritual foundation. And those words are what helped me to get through the final days of my social media cleanse.

Since returning back to work, I've found it easier to turn off phone when I'm not on the clock. Don't get me wrong -- it hasn't been smooth, especially in the mornings when the first thing I want to do is scroll through the HuffPost Beauty Instagram feed.

My fascination with social media sites and fashion news may never wane. But if I want to bring balance and peace to my hectic life, making meditation and prayer the first things I do each day should be a priority over scrolling through Twitter.

Police Shoot And Kill Suspect in Jennings,...

Police Shoot And Kill Suspect in Jennings, Missouri, 5 Miles From Ferguson Scene

JENNINGS, Mo. (AP) — A police chief in suburban St. Louis says two officers fired 25 shots during the fatal shooting of a rifle-wielding man they were chasing on foot.

The shooting happened Wednesday night in Jennings, less than 5 miles from the site of the fatal Ferguson police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown that sparked weeks of unrest. St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said the man shot Thursday was a 42-year-old with a lengthy criminal record but did not release his name. Police say the suspect was black and both officers who fired the shots are white.

Belmar said the man attempted to fire a .22-caliber rifle at officers who were chasing him after the man struck a police car with his vehicle. The chief said the rifle jammed.
The Economic Recovery in Black, White, and Brown

The Economic Recovery in Black, White, and Brown

As I recently observed, reading recent financial reports could reasonably lead you to believe that the financial crisis is over and that housing markets have rebounded.

While that's true for some people, the financial impact of the recent recession and housing crash varied -- quite dramatically -- by race.

The Recession in Black and White and Brown

Black and Latino households suffered significantly larger wealth losses during the recession than white households. Research shows that, from 2005-2009, white household wealth dropped 16% while black household wealth declined by 52%. Latino households lost a whopping 66% of their pre-recession wealth.

For a number of reasons, blacks and Latinos have had higher foreclosure rates than whites since at least 1990, and they had disproportionately higher foreclosure rates during the recession than white homeowners. A recent study found that blacks who bought homes during the housing bubble are 50% more likely to lose their homes and become renters than similarly situated white buyers.

Black and Latino households had larger wealth losses during the recession mostly because home equity comprises a much larger percentage of their overall wealth. While housing equity makes up about 58% of household wealth for white households, housing equity is 67% of overall Latino wealth and a staggering 92% of black household wealth. When Latinos and (especially) blacks lost their homes, they also lost their wealth.

The recession widened the racial wealth gap. Whites overall had four times the wealth as blacks and Latinos before the recession, but had approximately six times the wealth of blacks and Latinos by the time the recession ended.

The Economic Recovery in Black and White and Brown

Fast forward to 2014. The recession has been over for five years.

The Federal Reserve reports that banks have relaxed their lending standards and made it easier to buy homes for borrowers with good credit who can qualify for prime mortgages. Although sales for new, single-family houses slowed this summer, mortgage delinquencies and foreclosure rates have fallen well below the record highs they reached during the housing crisis. Most households are no longer trying to save face by selling their homes in short sales.

Things are looking promising if you live in a high-income, homeowner household. The picture is not as rosy for black and Latino households.

The 2013 Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF) observes that average net worth for white families increased between 2010-2013, while average net worth for non-white families decreased.

While unemployment rates have fallen from the record highs they reached in 2010 and black and Latino unemployment rates are lower than they were five years ago, their employment rates are still high relative to whites.

For example, the overall black unemployment rate (11.4%) is more than double the white rate (5.3%). The Latino unemployment rate (7.3%), while lower than the black rate, is still higher than the white and overall rate (6.1%).

Minority and lower-income neighborhoods, particularly hard hit by foreclosures during the recession, still have not recovered. A recent study reveals that home prices in black and Latino neighborhoods are still depressed and that a disproportionate percentage of homeowners in those neighborhoods have "underwater homes" (i.e., owners owe more on their mortgages than the homes are worth).

Though banks have relaxed lending standards for borrowers who qualify for prime mortgages, mortgage credit remains elusive for lower-income households and for blacks and Latinos (who are disproportionately lower-income). In fact, housing groups are now concerned that tight lending standards are shutting blacks and Latinos out of mortgage markets and depriving them of the opportunity to build wealth. An interactive map graphically depicts how black and Latino households nationally have been locked out of the economic recovery.

In a flashback to housing practices from the 1950s, the New York attorney general recently sued a bank for "redlining," i.e., refusing to approve mortgage loans to borrowers in black neighborhoods.

While some households and neighborhoods have recovered from the recession, most black and Latino households and neighborhoods are still waiting to recover.
Chicago Won't Have A Barack Obama High After All

Chicago Won't Have A Barack Obama High After All

Chicago has dropped plans to name an already controversial new high school after President Barack Obama.

The Chicago Board of Education decided that the proposed selective-enrollment institution would not be called Barack Obama College Preparatory High School as planned due to a district policy against naming public schools after a living person, according to the New York Daily News.

But the dropping of Obama's name may really indicate that Mayor Rahm Emanuel's attempt to gin up good will with the city's black community has backfired.

"[Emanuel] should work harder to make sure there is a grocery store in Jeffery Plaza," Chicago Alderman Leslie Hairston told the Sun-Times in May, referring to a South Side retail strip. "He needs to put the same type of energy and effort [into that] that he is putting into building a school named after the President from my ward."

The proposed school has generated controversy ever since Emanuel announced building plans in April -- the day after three existing public schools were essentially shuttered. The college prep school would soak up $60 million in tax increment financing money, which is effectively the mayor's discretionary "slush" fund drawn from property taxes.

Critics who don't want to see the president's connection to the South Side eroded were also unhappy with the location. Rather than put the school on the South Side -- community leaders suggested spots that were of significance to the first family, including the Kenwood neighborhood where they have their permanent home or the South Shore neighborhood where Michelle Obama grew up -- the city slated it for a North Side lot that's within walking distance of another selective-enrollment high school.

Neighbors living near the proposed site argue that the mayor's office should have solicited more community input before locating a school where it will eat up precious park space and add to existing congestion.

In fact, the school could yet be relocated as plans have not been finalized.

"Over the last few months, my team has listened to questions and concerns from the community, ranging from location of the building to the naming of the school," Emanuel said in a statement Thursday. "We take that community input seriously, which is why -- as we continue to look for a thoughtful way to honor President Obama -- we will look for other possible names for this future school."

Though several high schools have already been named after the president, Obama High would have been the first one in his home state of Illinois. Chicago is considered a favorite to house the eventual Barack Obama Presidential Library.

The Chicago Tribune notes there are plenty of other things that have also been named for the 44th president: a species of spider, a baby tiger, a French wine and an extinct lizard.


Chris Brown: Rihanna and I Have a Great...

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Singer talks friendship with his ex-girlfriend.
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K. Michelle Gushes Over Meek Mill, Shades Elle Varner

Singer jumps into The Breakfast Club's hot seat.
Parents Sue LAPD for $75M in Ezell Ford Shooting

Parents Sue LAPD for $75M in Ezell Ford Shooting

The lawsuit claims the officers used excessive force.
Rick Ross Disputes Forbes's Cash Kings List

Rick Ross Disputes Forbes's Cash Kings List

The MMG boss says he always ranks top five.
James Brown’s Daughter Recounts Domestic Abuse...

James Brown’s Daughter Recounts Domestic Abuse in New Book

The Godfather of Soul's children release explosive memoirs.
Lil B Drops New iPhone Emoji App, Basedmoji

Lil B Drops New iPhone Emoji App, Basedmoji

Basedgod designs his own characters for texting.

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H. Hartford Brookins Dies

H. Hartford Brookins Dies

Romney Faces Tough Questions from Black Leaders

Romney Faces Tough Questions from Black Leaders

2010 Census Missed More Than 1.5 Million...

2010 Census Missed More Than 1.5 Million Minorities

Toxins Poison Florida Community

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VIDEO: Man Puts Child in Washer Machine,...

VIDEO: Man Puts Child in Washer Machine, Babysitter Watches

UCLA Medical Center Stung by Lawsuit

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